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Biblical Wealth Solutions

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We help Christian families become financially free using Biblical and non-wall-street investments

so they have the freedom to do all that they’ve been uniquely called to do.

How We’re Different

Biblical Investing

Biblical Investing focuses on Stewardship & Impact! Biblical investors know that God owns it all, and that we are stewards of His resources. We avoid investing in companies who support or profit from unbiblical practices – such as abortion and pornography. We encourage families to go one step further by directly investing in companies that are improving the lives of others. Biblical Investing is investing for the glory of God.

Biblical & Better Approach

Most families unknowingly lose substantial wealth by following a typical approach. Our Biblical & Better Approach seeks to protect against the “maybe risks” AND avoiding the definite, but hidden, losses that cause most families to lose a majority of their wealth. Avoiding these losses allows more money to be available for our families, our future, and for the Kingdom of God.

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Our Mission

Biblical Wealth Solutions helps Christian families regain control of their money throughout their lives so that together we can support fellow believers, improve the lives of others, and build personal and generational wealth.

We help protect families from the risks that could cause their family’s financial future to be in jeopardy, AND we help them avoid the hidden, but definite losses that cause substantial loss of wealth following a typical financial approach. This protection and recovery of wealth gives our families peace of mind, opportunity, and freedom of time to do what they’ve been called to do.

We are on a mission to help bring millions of dollars back into the lives of Christian families to be used for the glory of God!

Our Clients

How We Help Parents

– Better protection for your family.

– Maintain control of your assets during your
working years.

– Recover lost wealth (the average family could recover hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars).

– Minimize lifetime taxes.

– Build safe, productive cash for emergencies & opportunities.

– Learn strategies to pay for education without sacrificing wealth.

How We Help Grandparents

– Avoid stock market risk via non-Wall-Street investments.

– Protect from long-term care without sacrificing wealth.

– Increase your retirement income while decreasing risk – without giving up control of your money.

– Empower adult children & grandchildren while still preserving wealth.

– Prevent running out of money.

– Have peace of mind to enjoy retirement & focus on your family and ministry.


  • God owns it all; we are called to be faithful & productive stewards.
  • Financial freedom means having the time to do what you’ve been called to do.
  • Once you save a dollar, that dollar should never be lost due to stock market losses, taxes or unnecessary fees.
  • It doesn’t make sense for the church to have most of God’s money locked up in retirement accounts and not available to be used for doing good throughout our lifetimes.
  • We believe you should have control over your money and that by keeping control of your money, you’re better equipped to serve others through your giving and your investments.
  • We believe your investments can and should be used to improve the lives of others while at the same time building wealth for your family.
  • We believe there are better ways to protect your family’s financial future.

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About Biblical Wealth Solutions

Biblical Wealth Solutions was born out of the larger mission of founder, Jared Williams, to revolutionize Christian personal finance and to become the new go-to source for Christian personal finance education.

We believe the current voices in Christian personal finance have created substantial obstacles to being the best stewards we can be. Not only does the typical financial approach cause families to lose substantial wealth, it also encourages the locking up of our money so that it can’t be used until retirement. This just doesn’t make sense – the church should maintain access to its money so that we can use it for serving others and building up one another, while simultaneously building wealth for your own family’s future.

This revolution to a Biblical and better approach will strive to put millions of dollars to direct work in the lives of families, small businesses, and ministries – to the glory of God and for the sake of the Gospel.

About Jared Williams

 My wife, Brittany, and I homeschool our three children and are active members of a local church. I have been in the finance industry for over 10 years.

I started as a typical financial advisor following a mainstream approach to investing and preparing for retirement. Then, I discovered the substantial, devastating impact that the stock market roller coaster and investment costs have on most families’ wealth.

The more I studied and tested different financial models, the more I was convinced that the stereotypical financial approach taught today causes families to have far less wealth and retirement money than they ever expected due to hidden, but very real losses. 

So today I have two main goals when working with families…

1) to help them be godly stewards of their resources by aligning their money with their values and beliefs, and
2) to help them recover the substantial wealth most families are losing and bringing it back into their lives for their families, their futures, and for the Kingdom of God.


How does your company get paid?
We get paid for helping our clients implement solutions, and are almost always paid by the solution providers (insurance company or investment provider) rather than by our clients themselves. We can also be paid a fee from our clients for managing Biblical investments in the stock market.
Do you have a minimum investment amount?

No, there are no minimums to work with us—just a capability and willingness to save and invest. We are often able to help families improve their financial lives with no additional out-of-pocket expense. We do work with many accredited investors and have access to investments for accredited investors only.

What are non Wall Street/alternative investments?
Any investment that is not publicly traded on a stock market exchange. That could include buying a real estate rental property, lending for profit, partnering with specialized active investors, and much more. Alternative investments are an ideal way for investors to receive high single digit or low double digit returns on their investments without the volatility, fees, and uncertainty that go along with typical stock market investing.
Can you help me if I’m not in TN?
We sure can! We leverage the power of the internet to provide a personalized and unique experience for clients in all 50 states.
Do you work with non-Christians?

Yes, we are happy to work with non-Christians, and believe it is very important for all families to have adequate protection and recover substantial wealth. We do only work with investments that are Biblically responsible, but many non-Christians also desire the investment partners we work with. We have found that our best client relationships are families with whom we share values and beliefs, and who are aligned with our mission of giving glory to the God of the Bible.

Do you work with people who are not married or don’t have children?
Yes, of course.
How are you different from other financial advisors and Christian financial advisors?
Our commitment to both Biblical investments AND our Principled Financial Approach sets us apart from every other financial firm that we are aware of. Most financial advisors – whether Christian or not – focus on accumulating wealth solely in the stock market. It is our belief that there is a better way to build wealth that also allows us to maintain access, use, and impact with the money that God has entrusted to us along the way.
Can clients still invest in the stock market?
Yes. Many of our clients want to continue investing some portion of their money in the stock market for a number of reasons. We provide several options for continuing to invest in the market that are Biblically responsible that can also work within our Principled Approach.

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