Biblical Investing

Investing with Stewardship & Impact

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Investing with Stewardship

At Biblical Wealth Solutions, we believe Biblical Investing means investing for the glory of God. We help families do this by investing for both Stewardship and Impact.

As stewards of God’s resources, we want to avoid investing with companies who are supporting or profiting from unbiblical practices, such as abortion, pornography, and addiction.

Now you may be thinking, “Is that really going on?”! Sadly, it’s probably more common than you think.

For example, several major pharmaceutical companies manufacture and profit from the sale of abortion drugs. A surprising number of well-known companies donate money directly to Planned Parenthood.


Major cable TV providers profit from the distribution of pornography. And tobacco companies rely upon the addiction of their customers for their long-term profits. Nearly all investors in the U.S. own these companies in their mutual funds.

Of course, we understand that most investors don’t realize what’s going on behind the scenes of their investment accounts. So we’re passionate about educating the church and helping them begin the process of becoming a Biblical investor.

We want you to know there are alternatives, and that we can be faithful stewards with our investments!


Investing with Impact

 We also believe that in addition to honoring God with our investments, we should strive to improve the lives of others with our investments; we call this investing with Impact. We seek to help families invest directly into companies & opportunities that profit from doing good works and being a blessing to the lives of others.

For example, we’ve shown clients how to invest with companies who create investor returns by helping families who’ve had a financial hardship be able to stay in their homes. This is both extremely helpful to struggling families and profitable for the companies serving them.

We’ve shown clients how to partner with companies that revitalize homes making them safe, desirable, and affordable places for growing families to live.

Our clients have invested with companies who make profitable loans to small businesses throughout the U.S. – enabling those businesses to grow, create jobs, and provide their beneficial products and services to their community.

These are just a few examples of win-win investment opportunities, where everyone throughout the process is being blessed.

At Biblical Wealth Solutions, we help families become Biblical investors in two ways.

First, by using Biblically-screened mutual funds, we can continue investing in the stock market while being confident that the companies we’re invested in are not involved in unbiblical practices.

Second, is by using Non-Wall-Street investments that have been selected for both their ability to improve the lives of others and their potential to provide above-average returns to investors. In our opinion, these investments are the only way to truly invest for impact!

Next Steps

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Want to stop unintentionally profiting from these unbiblical practices ASAP? We understand. We can help you move your investment accounts into a portfolio of only Biblical investments that most closely matches your current investment allocation.

Once you have the peace of mind that you’re investments are aligned with your values, we’ll help you evaluate if your current strategies are best meeting your family’s goals and needs.

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