Biblically-Screened Stock Market Portfolios

While we talk a lot about non-wall-street investments around here, many of our clients maintain investments on the stock market.

Of course we want to be Biblically responsible in all of our investing so we have partnered with two Biblically-screened mutual fund/ETF portfolio managers to give our clients professional management and peace of mind that their investments are aligned with their values.

Meet Our Fund Portfolio Managers

Having over 20 years of experience, Light Point Portfolios (LPP) is a veteran in the Biblically Responsible Investing industry. They offer multiple fund portfolios and diverse strategies – while partnering with mutual fund companies – to meet the needs of investors. If you want to maintain long-term positions in the market with a solid, proven manager, LPP is a great option.

Inspire is the new, cool kid in the Biblically Responsible Investing space. The first company to successfully launch BRI exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Inspire is innovative, growing fast, and committed to honoring the Lord with their business. Inspire is on a mission to donate $1 billion by the end of their 10th year in business through their Give 50 campaign.


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How It Works


Biblical Wealth Solutions can work with you to invest with either LPP and/or Inspire. Our job is to help determine how either Manager and their portfolio strategies would fit with your overall financial approach, goals, and preferences. We’ll help you choose which portfolio(s) makes the most sense for you. We help you open an investment account with their custodian and complete the paperwork to have them begin managing your portfolio.


How does Biblical Wealth Solutions make money if I invest in Biblically-screened stock market portfolios?

Each Manager has their own assets under management (AUM) fee that they charge for portfolio management, and the fees vary depending on the amount invested. Biblical Wealth Solutions is paid a portion of the AUM fee for our role in helping provide you investment advice.

What are differences between LPP and Inspire?

While both strive to be 100% Biblically responsible, they are quite different in their investing approach.

LPP offers both passive and active portfolio management strategies. LPP uses a variety of different BRI mutual funds and ETFs – and even some secular funds who happen to be Biblically responsible – inside their portfolios, giving them a more diverse investment selection than is offered by Inspire.

Inspire has built their own “Index-Based” BRI ETFs that are used by a growing number of portfolio managers around the country (including LPP at times). They also offer portfolios of only their own funds that are managed in-house by their Investment Committee. They take a more passive management of passive funds approach to portfolio management.

There is also a difference in investor costs with these Managers, but since the costs can change frequently and can vary by client, we’ll have to look at what costs would be for your own portfolio.

The best way to determine the best fit for to schedule a call with us.

Can I invest in non-wall-street investments and with a Biblically-screened portfolio manager?

Yes. Many of our clients have some investments off-wall street and some investments with one or both of these Managers.

How do these investments impact others?

Jared Williams is open that he believes wall street investments have less impact than direct, non-wall-street investments. The primary reason for this is that most of the investments on wall street are secondary shares, meaning shares that are now simply traded. It’s kind of like buying a used book or car, you can benefit from the product, but the manufacturer only gets money the first time something is sold.

With that said, both LPP and Inspire do have impact opportunities in their own ways.

One of LPP’s favorite fund companies regularly invests in initial placement offerings (IPOs) which is when a company initially raises money from the public. Many of these companies are involved in innovative health care solutions and other products that greatly benefit society and investments with this fund company (through LPP’s portfolios) can have a direct impact on the lives of others.

Inspire creates impact through their Give 50 campaign through which they donate 50% of company profits to impacting the lives of others through building clean water wells, providing Bibles to the persecuted church, supporting pro-life organizations and more.

What kind of returns should I expect?

Returns will vary constantly since investments are in the stock market. Most recent portfolio returns can be provided upon request.

What are the risks?

With all investments it should be assumed that there is potential for a total loss of capital. As with returns, the level of risks vary.

How much do I need to invest?

LPP has a minimum investment of $50k

Inspire has a minimum investment of $30k.

Could I invest with my IRA?

Yes. IRA, Roth IRA, and even 401(k)s and 403(b)s can be rolled over into new retirement accounts with the Manager’s custodian.

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