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Christian Financial Education is broken. There’s no softer way to say it.

And we can see this by looking at two key problems:

Retirement planning and Ethical investing

Let me ask you… Are you on track to retire? 

If you’re like most Americans, you aren’t. This isn’t a selfish problem. It’s a kingdom problem. Not only does retiring well provide a firm financial basis for you to live on after employment ends, but it affords you the ability to spend more of your time working in the kingdom.

And second, what’s inside that mutual fund or 401(k)? 

Very often, multiple companies are lumped together to ‘reduce’ risk. But many of these companies are actively working for things that are clearly against your biblical worldview, such as funding Planned Parenthood and creating violent and sexual entertainment.

Not to mention the problems with the stock market…

The good news is, there’s a better way. A God-honoring way.

Jared’s approach for retirement is much more realistic. It’s about replacing income, not building an expansive portfolio.

Ken Fletcher

VP of Strategic Partnerships, The Signatry

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First Step to Financial Freedom

Using the Freedom Formula, I’ll introduce you to a straightforward, proven system that will not only produce good, solid returns, but will honor God in the process. Along the way, we’ll look at the three greatest financial problems impacting Christian families today. 

In this 4-part course — about 45 minutes total — I’ll walk you through what you need to know to get started today.

The moment for me was when Jared laid out the numbers. I knew traditional investments didn’t have great returns. But seeing Jared walk through the math and explain the why — that was big.

Adam Fann

Owner, Anchor Brace & Limb

In this course, you’ll discover…

How financial goals affect your ministry

And what happens when we pursue the wrong financial goals

A strong way to significantly increase retirement income

Hint: it’s not the Stock Market

What really works to solve the risk of inflation

Money isn’t a tool for selfishness. It’s one of the ways God has called us to advance His kingdom

One simple strategy to avoid losing hundreds of thousands of dollars

This is based on average families

How to increase your impact in God's kingdom

A proper focus on cash flow and opportunities opens the way for more kingdom work

One of the best ways to protect against loss

None of us can predict the future. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a smart way to go about risk




Jared teaches about the difference between investing too early vs shoring yourself up with the right kinds of insurance. This is a key point that our younger generation needs to hear.

Mike Hatch


My name is Jared Williams

Jared is a leading expert on investing for cash flow using Biblical and non-Wall-Street investments.   He helps stewardship-minded Christians from around the world protect their families, increase their cash flow, and take back control of their finances so that they can experience freedom to do all that God has uniquely called them to do.

An important note…

Something I hear from almost every single older client is that they wish they’d started sooner. When they were younger. Once we begin working together, they realize many of the fears they had (not enough to invest, no time, etc.), weren’t fears grounded in reality.

God has placed you here and now for a reason. Life is short.

Glorify Him in everything.

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