Whole Life & Term Life Insurance

It’s no secret around here that we love both term and whole life insurance.

Whether you’re looking to simply increase your income protection for your family in the event you passed early or you understand the tremendous value of having both a permanent death benefit and uninterrupted cash value growth, we can help.

Our in-house team of life insurance experts have years of dedicated experience helping families (and single individuals) learn to use one of the single most powerful financial assets available in the U.S.

A strategically designed, dividend-paying whole life policy significantly increases your protection today – in some ways that term life insurance can’t – and allows you to enhance your investments and increase your choices tomorrow.

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Unfortunately, whole life insurance has been given a bad reputation over the last few decades. Whether that is due to misinformation or financial educators being paid to say it – I honestly don’t know. But the truth is, whether purchased young or even in retirement, whole life insurance would increase the financial security for most families in the U.S. today.

If I’m the first person to suggest that you should consider whole life insurance in your financial approach, then I only ask that you be open to new ways of thinking about money and personal finance. When I first began in the financial industry it was with a company that only sold term life insurance and taught that all permanent life insurance was a rip-off. It wasn’t until after years of working with 100+ retirees that I saw how whole life insurance could’ve made a major difference in the outcomes of their financial lives.

And as I started spending time around wealthier people I began to realize that many of them had owned whole life policies for years and considered it one of the best financial decisions of their lives, not only for the protection against things going wrong, but for their ability to accumulate large sums of liquid, productive cash value without any risk.

It took me a couple of years to change my mind about whole life insurance, and I know that for some of you that could be the case as well.

So whether you’re needing to most inexpensively increase your income protection through term life insurance, already understand the value of whole life insurance and want to incorporate it into your financial approach, or you’re just open to beginning a conversation about it, we’re thrilled to help.

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