Multi-Industry Diversified Funds

Consistent Returns & Diversification in a Single Investment

Think of a mutual fund for non-wall-street investments. These are investments (often loans) to active investment companies who make direct investments into multiple opportunities in multiple industries.

If you want more diversification without making multiple investments, this could be a good option to consider. The funds can also give some access to asset classes not available elsewhere at Biblical Wealth Solutions, such as oil & gas, distressed debts, and late-stage start-ups.


What is Biblical Wealth Solutions’ role in multi-industry diversified funds?

Biblical Wealth Solutions finds experienced, active partners who have regular investment opportunities that fit the needs and wants of Biblical Wealth Solutions’ clients. Biblical Wealth Solutions does perform due diligence to confirm the legitimacy of the sponsor (the active investor offering the investment). We also review each investment opportunity for excessive risk and to ensure to the best of our knowledge that the investment is Biblically responsible and not participating in unbiblical activities.

How does Biblical Wealth Solutions make money if I invest in multi-industry diversified funds?

At this time, Biblical Wealth Solutions is not permitted by law to be compensated by the fund sponsor. We provide specific investment advice to each client considering a passive real estate fund and charge an assets under advisement fee of 1% per year of the investment paid in advance.

How do these investments impact others?

Having capital at work in multiple industries simultaneously allows these investments to also create a diverse ability for impact.

Through real estate ownership and funding they help provide affordable, safe, quality housing.

By investing in distressed debt, they are able to help families make more affordable debt payments, reduce their overall debt, and often lower or eliminate their debt interest.
By investing in oil and gas and late-stage startups these funds can help provide jobs, fund innovation, help reduce our country’s oil dependency, decrease the need for exploratory drilling, and help support our economy.

What kind of returns should I expect?

These funds are currently returning between 10%-15% per year, paying monthly cash flow.

What are the risks?

With all investments it should be assumed that there is potential for a total loss of capital. As with returns, the level of risks vary.

While these funds are diversified themselves, the greatest risk is their operator(s). While the failure of a single investment within their fund would not likely be catastrophic, a mismanagement or other failure of the operator could result in significant loss. We would still highly encourage investors to limit this and any other investment to a smaller percentage of their overall portfolio.

Specific risks will be detailed in each investment private placement memorandum (PPM) and can be reviewed with Biblical Wealth Solutions.

How much do I need to invest?

Currently these investments have a $100k minimum investment.

Can I invest in multi-industry diversified funds with my IRA?

Yes, using a self-directed IRA or Roth IRA. We can help you with that.

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