Passive Real Estate Funds

Access Direct Passive Real Estate Investments

Not Available on Wall-Street

Biblical Wealth Solutions can help you find passive investment opportunities in larger scale real estate projects with experienced active investors.

With partners specializing in:

  • Apartment Community Renovation
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Mobile Home Communities
  • Self-Storage
  • Student Housing
  • … and more.

There is an abundance of diverse investments available.

Due to the nature of these investments they are generally only available for a limited period of time. The best way to get started is to schedule a call with Biblical Wealth Solutions to discuss the asset classes in general and the types of investments that would be a good fit for you.

Then join our real estate investor list to be notified whenever new opportunities are available. This process lets you decide the types of investments first, and then you can focus on the specific opportunities and risks of individual investments.


What is Biblical Wealth Solutions’ role in passive real estate funds?

Biblical Wealth Solutions finds experienced, active partners who have regular investment opportunities that fit the needs and wants of Biblical Wealth Solutions’ clients. Biblical Wealth Solutions does perform due diligence to confirm the legitimacy of the sponsor (the active investor offering the investment). We also review each investment opportunity for excessive risk and to ensure to the best of our knowledge that the investment is Biblically responsible and not participating in unbiblical activities.

How does Biblical Wealth Solutions make money if I invest in passive real estate funds?

At this time, Biblical Wealth Solutions is not permitted by law to be compensated by the fund sponsor. We provide specific investment advice to each client considering a passive real estate fund and charge an assets under advisement fee of 1% per year of the investment paid in advance.

How do these investments impact others?

These investments directly improve the safety, quality, and availability of needed housing and commercial space for families, students, and businesses around the country.

They create safer living environments for children and seniors. They can allow for business expansion by providing better housing options for employees, helping to further grow our economy. A recent project is building new independent student housing for a growing university; prior to this students were forced to commute from another town.

And of course, by having access to direct investments our clients can more quickly achieve financial freedom allowing them to pursue the unique callings God has given them.

What kind of returns should I expect?

There are many different ways in which these funds and their returns are structured. Returns vary between the types of investments and level of risk. These investments usually have a minimum estimated return of 8% but commonly range between 10%-20+% simple average returns.

What are the risks?

With all investments it should be assumed that there is potential for a total loss of capital. As with returns, the level of risks vary. Specific risks will be detailed in each investment private placement memorandum (PPM) and can be reviewed with Biblical Wealth Solutions.

How much do I need to invest?

Most of these investments have a minimum between $50-$100k. We have had investments with a minimum as low as $5k, so it never hurts to check and be on our investor list.

Can I invest in passive real estate funds with my IRA?

Yes. You can have a “self-directed IRA” (or Roth IRA) and use the money to invest in passive real estate funds.  We can help you with this. 

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